In keeping with our pursuit of magical AND safe times, we invite campers to join us on municipal grounds adjacent to the festival from 10 am, Friday, July 22 to 10 am, Monday, July 25!

Both tent and vehicle camping are available this year all within a 5-minute walk to the festival grounds! Because we are using a portion of the Centennial Fields sports complex and the municipal campground in relative proximity to a residential neighbourhood, we need to take extra care to leave no trace and be good neighbours. This means no campfires, a gentle touch and light feet on our grassy fields, and due respect and consideration for the incredible folks who live just on the other side of Loggers Lane.

Besides our gorgeous vistas, Squamish’s beautiful mountain setting means you will be camping in bear country. To keep both humans and bears safe, all food/coolers/etc. must be safely locked in a vehicle or locker when not at the campsite and overnight. Look for our bear safe guidelines to help you prepare for your magical Squamish camping experience.


  • Max 4 campers per tent or vehicle site
  • Sites are assigned in order of arrival
  • Campers require two wristbands, one for camping and one for the festival
  • Camping wristbands give access to all camping areas, no guests allowed 
  • Campers must be 18+ or with a parent/legal guardian to camp 
  • Campers will be subject to search on check-in
  • You may bring food and drink, limited alcohol and cannabis
  • No glass allowed
  •  There will be food vendors and a general store onsite

Off-Site accommodation options, click here

If you have any questions that aren’t answered in our Camping FAQs below, please reach out to us!

Four. This applies to both our tent and vehicle sites.

There is some variation in the tentsite size and shape but all sites are at minimum the equivalent area of 15ft by 15ft. No tent site is less than 12 feet wide.

No. A parking pass must be purchased separately. The parking close to the camping area is first-come-first-served. You can choose on-site parking (2 minute walk to all camping areas) or off-site parking, which will be about a 15 minute walk. A local shuttle bus will be servicing the off-site parking lots.

You can put one large or two small tents. You may not encroach or spill onto an adjacent campsite or public travel lane whatsoever. No more than 4 campers per tent site.

Sleeping tents are not permitted in this area, however shade tents/canopies are permitted as long as it remains in your designated campsite.

No, the camping area is restricted to registered campers with a wristband only.

Nope. All campers must also acquire a festival pass to be able to camp in the festival camping.

No. You must purchase a festival pass in addition to the camping pass.

No. The festival campgrounds are purpose-built areas for festival goers. All persons in festival camping must have a festival wristband. If you’d like to camp in Squamish on the festival weekend but do not plan to attend the festival, there are a number of campgrounds in the area that would love to have you stay with them.

Shower and water services for all camping is shared between tent and vehicle sites. Toilet and potable water stations are easily accessible and located in each vehicle and tent camping area.

You may camp with one car, SUV, minivan, standard truck or camperized van no longer than 20 ft. Trailers under 13ft long (17ft bumper to trailer hitch) are allowed. RVs are not permitted. No encroachment on other guest sites or in traffic lanes will be tolerated. This includes pop-out awnings/features. Your tow vehicle must be parked elsewhere. We offer on-site and off-site parking for those interested.

No. For safety reasons, once your vehicle is parked within the vehicle camping area it may not be moved until Monday at sunrise. Vehicles that leave the campground will not be granted re-entry. Should a vehicle need to leave in the event of an emergency, you must contact campground management to provide you with a safe escort. We encourage you to plan/pack accordingly and visit the camping General Store for any necessities you may be lacking. A free local shuttle service can also get you to various locations in Squamish should you need additional supplies.

The designated area for your vehicle and sitting area is 10x30ft. No vehicle longer than 20ft will be permitted. Trailers must not exceed 17ft bumper to trailer hitch. Your vehicle cannot exceed this designated footprint in any way, including when anything is folded down.

No, unfortunately we do not have space to accommodate RVs or 5th wheels and most travel trailers. There is not enough room to manoeuvre these types of vehicles. There are a number of campgrounds in Squamish for those vehicles. 

No, there are no water or power hook up services on site. On-site shower and water services are available in the nearby tent camping. Toilets and potable water will be available in the vehicle camping area.

We offer a convenient drop off area for camping close to tent camping for those who are parking off-site. On-site parking is also available very close to tent camping. Parking passes must be purchased separately.

No. Campgrounds and parking open 10am Friday morning and close 10 am Monday morning.

  • Yes. Squamish has campgrounds, hotels, inns, motels and short-term rentals. Find out more here.

Yes there will be security. However you are responsible for the safety and security of your belongings at Constellation Fest. Leave your toys at home, lock up your valuables, and secure your food and beverages.

We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment or assault. Anyone reported to be causing a disturbance will be questioned by security/police and appropriate measures will be taken.

Yes. If you require medical assistance please locate the nearest medical tent or alert a staff member. They will assist you in getting to the nearest medical tent. And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member, security, police, or public safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem right.

We are all about having a good time! That said, it must be done with consideration of everyone else around you. We ask everyone to be a good neigbour. This includes:

  • No disruptive drinking/partying. If we ask you to quiet down, take that as your first and only warning
  • Dangerous or disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Get rid of your waste only in designated waste disposal areas… this includes public urination. That’s a hard no. Ew, David!
  • Adhere to bear safe protocols: Stowe food in a locked car or bear-proof container when you are not at your campsite and at night
  • Keep an eye on your fellow campers to ensure they are safe

100%. We are a zero-waste festival. Leave no trace when you depart (this includes tents, tent pegs, coolers, chairs, inflatables, wrappers, cans, etc.). We’re not your parents!

A patron 18+ must be the person to check in for the campsite and remain camping on that site all weekend. Someone 18+ cannot purchase the campsite for younger patrons. Anyone 17 and under requires a parent or guardian attending the festival and camping with them. Underage drinking/substance use will not be tolerated at any time, anywhere.

We love having families camp however we can’t currently designate a family camping quiet zone. If you do decide to camp as a family, know that it is all one camping zone and quiet cannot be guaranteed.

To ensure you are camping next to your friends, please make sure to arrive together. If you arrive separately, you will not be able to camp together. Make sure to coordinate your arrival with your friends!

Quiet music and instruments are allowed. The campground management reserves the right to request music be turned down or off at any time in order to maintain the enjoyment of all festival goers.

No pets are allowed in the campground. Only certified service animals are permitted.

Each camper 19+ is allowed to bring either one case of up to 24 aluminium cans OR 1 box of wine OR 750 ml of spirits. You cannot bring any liquor, glass bottles or kegs. Security or camp management may confiscate an excessive amount of alcohol. Furnishing alcohol to minors is a criminal offence and law enforcement will be present in the campgrounds. Please drink responsibly.

Cannabis may be brought into the campsite only if in sealed packaging, and must not exceed a reasonable amount for personal use. Combustible product must be consumed within designated areas. Anyone caught providing cannabis to someone underage, or selling it, will lose camping and festival access.

Unauthorized vending or selling of any products is strictly prohibited, guests found to be doing this will lose their camping and festival access.

  • A bad attitude – only people who get along nicely with their neighbours are allowed
  • Illegal drugs or illegal drug paraphernalia 
  • Weapons, pepper spray, or anything that may be considered to be an offensive weapon
  • Fireworks, flares, laser pens/pointers, glow sticks or PA laser equipment
  • Glass containers. (eg. Alcohol, condiments, soft drinks, water, makeup perfume/cologne)
  • Professional recording equipment (both video and audio) is not permitted in the festival grounds or campsites. 
  • Location-identifying stakes put into the ground (You know those sticks with teddy bears and ribbons duct taped to a pole? None of those.)
  • Animals, with the exception of certified service animals
  • Flyers, samples, giveaways or promotional Items
  • Toy guns, water guns or slingshots
  • Glass lights. Plastic tipped Christmas-style lights OK
  • Sound systems (portable bluetooth speakers are fine, if neighbours ask you to turn it down please respect their wishes)


Leave these at home. Searches will be conducted upon check-in and forbidden items will be confiscated.