If you have any questions that aren’t answered in our Camping FAQs below, please reach out to us!


Our onsite camping is in municipal campgrounds, just a two-minute walk from the festival. 

The price INCLUDES parking for ONE VEHICLE. The cost is $400 for up to four people/site.

 Guests can arrive anytime after 1 pm, Friday, July 22. All camp sites must be vacated no later than 11 am on Monday, July 25. 

We encourage folks to park at their campsite to store valuables and food safely (we are in bear country!).


  • Max 4 campers per  site
  • Multiple tents are permitted
  • One vehicle can be parked at the campsite, additional parking is available in the main lot
  • Campers may sleep in their vehicle
  • Sites are assigned in order of arrival
  • Campers require two wristbands, one for camping and one for the festival
  • No guests allowed 
  • Campers must be 18+ or with a parent/legal guardian to camp 
  • Campers will be subject to search on check-in
  • You may bring food and drink, limited alcohol and cannabis
  • No glass allowed
  • Showers are available at Brennan Park Recreation Centre

The festival campground is the municipal event and tournament campground just a two minute walk to the festival main gate. It is a lovely grassy, “no frills” campground.

Campsites are quite large. A majority of the sites are at least 15 ft wide by 35 ft long (some are longer) while a few are irregularly shaped but still quite spacious.

Yes, the campsite allows for one vehicle. Additional vehicles per site will have to buy a parking pass and park in the parking lot close by.

As long as you do not spill over your designated site area in any way, the number of tents is not regulated.

The camping rules as laid out by the municipality allow visitors only between the hours of 7am and 9pm.

No, the camping area is restricted to registered campers with a wristband only.

No. You must purchase a festival pass in addition to the camping pass.

No. The festival campgrounds are for festival goers only. All persons staying in the campground must have a weekend festival wristband and a camping wristband.

There is a maximum of 4 campers allowed per site. The names of all the people staying in the campground must be provided. All campers in the camping areas must have weekend festival passes. This will be closely monitored and enforced.

You may camp with one car, SUV, minivan, standard truck or camperized van no longer than 24 ft. Trailers and RVs are not permitted. No encroachment on other guest sites or in traffic lanes will be tolerated. This includes pop-out awnings/features. Your tow vehicle must be parked elsewhere. We offer on-site and off-site parking for those interested.

No fifth wheels. Only small trailers are allowed. The combined length of your vehicle and trailer cannot exceed 30ft.

There are potable water taps throughout the site. 

There aren’t any shower facilities in the campground. Showers are available for a small fee at the municipal aquatic centre, just a five minute walk from the campground.

There are Porta Potties in the campground.

No, there are no water or power hook up services on site.

Yes. If you want to drive your car out of the campground, you must contact a staff or security member and they will help guide your vehicle out safely.

The campground will open at 1pm Friday, July 22 and all campers must be off site at 11am Monday, July 25.

Yes. Squamish has campgrounds, hotels, inns, motels and short-term rentals.

Campers are responsible for their own valuables. Camping staff are onsite between 8am and 8pm. Security staff are onsite 8pm-8am.

We are all about having a good time! That said, it must be done with consideration of everyone else around you. We ask everyone to be a good neigbour. This includes:

  • No disruptive drinking/partying. If we ask you to quiet down, take that as your first and only warning.
  • Dangerous or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Get rid of your waste only in designated waste disposal areas… this includes public urination. That’s a hard no. Ew, David!
  • Adhere to bear safe protocols: Stow food in a locked car. Food left out at an unattended campground will be collected.
  • No campfires
  • We are a zero-waste festival. Leave no trace when you depart (this includes tents, coolers, chairs, inflatables, wrappers, cans, etc.). We’re not your mom!
  • Keep an eye on your fellow campers to ensure they are safe

No campfires or tiki torches. Camping stoves are permitted. In the case of a fire ban, the fire department may restrict all open flames.

A patron 18+ must be the person to check in for the campsite and remain camping on that site all weekend. Someone 18+ cannot purchase the campsite for younger patrons. Anyone 17 and under requires a parent or guardian attending the festival and camping with them. Underage drinking/substance use will not be tolerated at any time, anywhere.

Families are welcome but must appreciate that they are camping in a festival camping area.

To ensure you are camping next to your friends, please make sure to arrive together. If you arrive separately, you will likely not be able to camp together. Make sure to coordinate your arrival with your friends!

Yes music is allowed if played at a reasonable level. The campground management reserves the right to request music be turned down or off at any time in order to maintain the enjoyment of all festival goers. No music after 12 midnight.

No pets are allowed in the campground. Only certified service animals are permitted.

We have zero tolerance for any form of harassment or assault. Anyone reported to be causing a disturbance will be questioned by security/police and appropriate measures will be taken.

Basic first aid is available in the camping area. There is no medical staff onsite.

And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member, security, police, or Public Safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.

  • illegal drugs or illegal drug paraphernalia. 

** Cannabis products will be permitted in unopened packages upon entry to use within designated Cannabis smoking areas. 

  • Weapons or anything that may be considered to be an offensive weapon.
  • Fireworks, flares, laser pens/pointers, glow sticks or PA laser equipment.
  • Glass containers. (eg. Alcohol, condiments, soft drinks, water, makeup, perfume/cologne.)
  • Professional recording equipment (both video and audio) is not permitted in the festival grounds or campsites. 
  • Animals, with the exception of certified service animals.
  • Flyers, samples, giveaways or promotional Items.
  • Toy Guns, water guns or slingshots.


Leave these at home. Searches will be conducted upon check-in.